10 Best eCommerce Tools to Know Your Customer Better

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Interacting with eCommerce customers is always a good idea because you get to know what they’re hoping for you.

Morever, keeping track of their sales and analyzing various parameters let us decide what is good for them.

Thus, analytics also let us know on which product we should spend our money.

There are various tools that can help us track the activities and trend of your customers.

These tools are broadly used for the purposes and if you want to see the growth in your business, you should definitely use them.

Heatmaps – Must have for any eCommerce stores

Heat maps are visual representations of data.

Basically, they allow us to record what people do with their mouse or trackpad and quantify it, and then they display it in a way that is visually appealing.

Heat maps is a broader category that can include:

  • Hover maps (mouse movement tracking)
  • Click maps
  • Scroll maps

Ecommerce heatmaps can give you an overview of what visitors do on the different pages of your store. The insights you can get will help you improve your site and positively impact your business decisions.

Having heatmaps is like having blueprints of your site. It tells you what your users are reading on your site, what they click on, aspects of your pages where they are most engaged with, and how many of your users scroll down your pages. And more!

1. Crazy Egg

It is the best heat map tool available in the market. You can track your customers’ activities and pageviews easily.

It also records scroll-map data.

The rates are not high and new eCommerce owners can easily afford it.

It is going to change the way you perceive your customers. Crazy Egg also tracks Flash clip and AdSense data.

2. Mouseflow

The tool is your complete analytics package.

Not only it does the heat mapping but also looks for other analytics related to page views, AdSense, scroll map, trend and much more.

It is a great investment and you must go for it.

It has various filters and ultra-compatible with all the platform of eCommerce.

3. Clicktale

The solution for tracking all the clicks, scrolling and engagement.

This tool is dedicated to all the maps you can create, and link analytics.

It is one of the best available in the market does the job really well.

E-commerce users who want only mapping of the customers should go for this tool.

Analytics – eCommerce Analytics Tools

Analytics tools for eCommerce

4. Google Analytics

We all know about this tool and power of it.

It can get everything you need to know about your customers’ interest and clicks.

Made by the number one Search Engine Company, the tool is dedicated to purely statistics related to your website.

It is an excellent content promoter and could raise the engagement by 33 percent.

5. Optimizely

The app helps in optimizing various pages, from homepages to products pages, every page your website as, to better load for customers.

Not only it optimizes for loading, but make great use of analytics. It is one solution for analytics, page optimization, and conversions.

Definitely worth trying if you want something different and unique.

6. Inspectlet

It is a great tool for analytics and heat maps.

You can do multiple things on it.

Inspectlet tracks and records every eCommerce customers’ move.

You can do a lot from the tool. It is highly compatible and works extremely well.

Email marketing – eCommerce marketing tools

eCommerce email marketing

7. MailChimp 

When it comes to email marketing, this tool would amaze you.

The first choice of eCommerce owners, this tool can increase your email marketing with a significant number.

The trial is limited to 2000 contacts.

It works so well that you would definitely buy it.

You can start a campaign, track the campaigns you already started, check whether the customers are converted and what not. It has marketing automation and selling advantages, which makes it the number one in the market.

The features are fast and detailed, must have for eCommerce owners.

8. Active campaign

The tool provides three things, email marketing, marketing automation and Sales & CRM.

Design beautiful emails to make your customers to click the links and buy your products.

The tool offers great strategies on the basis of recorded data from every customer.

You can improve your customer relations.

9. Get response

Not only email marketing, but you can create landing pages and webinars.

This tool has everything you need in an email marketing tool.

The tool works on every platform and has excellent marketing automation algorithm. It will give you tailored strategy and very useful for growing small eCommerce businesses and stores.