Shipment (Delivery Order)


After creating your sales order, shipment will be required to make necessary stock deductions from your inventory.

Create shipment from sales order

To create a shipment:

Within the Sales Order details page, click the Shipment menu at the top right corner > select one or more options below:


Pack standard items only: Generate shipment for all items and quantity in this sales order that has not yet be shipped. The stocks and quantity will be deducted from your warehouse inventory (physical inventory)


Pack dropshipping only: Generate shipment for all items and quantity that has been issues with a dropshipping with supplier. (This is to be issued when supplier is ready to ship the item to your customers). There will be no deduction of physical inventory from your location inventory.


Pack all: Generate shipment for all item and quantity in this sales order regardless of standard and dropshipping order.



The system automatically creates shipment(s) with all sales order items using system defaults. You can update generated shipment(s). See Updating Shipment


For partial delivery as well as packing multiple orders into a single delivery order, see Partial Shipment & Packing Multiple Orders into a Single Shipment