Connecting your Xero account to EMERGE App


Few steps to connect your Xero account to Emerge App:


Step 1: click on Integrations, look for Xero integration, click INTEGRATE



Step 2: Login to your Xero account



Step 3: Click on “Allow access for 30 mins” you will have 30 minutes to sync documents between EMERGE App and Xero, after 30 minutes you will need to log in again.



Step 4: You will be directed to EMERGE App. Now you will do account mapping for invoices and receipts



Step 5: Go to LINKAGE tab, you will see documents can be sync between two applications. Click on CHART OF ACCOUNT tab and map your data then click SAVE.







Step 6: Now go to TRANSACTIONS tab, click SEND ALL to export documents to Xero



Successfully exported documents and unsuccessfully exported documents will be shown under SUCCESSFUL and FAILED tab.




The next time you want to export documents to Xero, just go to UNSEND tab and select your documents then click SEND/SEND ALL to export.



Instruction video: