[Infographics] How to Choose a Right Payment Gateway for Your eCommerce Website

Welcome to 2016 (well, nearly 2017), where eCommerce shopping is already a reality and figures from all sides are showing that this phenomenon is only going to get stronger and more popular. 

It’s no secret and a lot of people are now getting on the bandwagon. Which is all good and awesome for everyone, but let’s go a little deeper into the figures to find out what actually is going on.

Our friends from Total Processing has put together an amazing infographic about the subject, in particular about those people who abandon their shopping carts halfway through browsing, aka ‘window shoppers’.

In fact, only 1 in 3 people end up buying products from online vendors. That’s a whopping two-thirds that never ends up purchasing anything.

As a former trading and distribution business, we know first-hand the frustration and head-scratching that follows every time someone decides to abandon their cart. We want to know why, but there could be a million and one possible reasons. Thankfully there are some things we DO know.

As an order processing software company, we make life easier for vendors to do things that matters i.e enhancing your customer’s buying experience and getting them to pay. And like it or not, that’s the bottom line that will make or break your company.

Looking at the figures of full quarter, 66% decided not to buy because of payment and poor checkout processes, which goes to show how essential a strong payment gateway is for your business.

Imagine getting 25% more sales just by tweaking and polishing up your checkout page. Now’s that something to celebrate this Christmas!

To get some more light on this topic have a look at the below infographic from Total Processing

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