Inventory Management Software with Barcode System

Barcode-friendly inventory management software

Barcode-friendly inventory management software

EMERGE App is a user-friendly order, purchase and inventory management cloud application. Consolidate all your customers, suppliers, products and orders in one place. Get total visibility on your sales orders as they work their way from quotation to fulfillment.

Best of all, it’s an inventory app with barcode scanner support!

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A Barcode Inventory System is Not an Inventory Management System

First up, let’s be clear about something. A barcode printing and scanning system is not an inventory management system. Let me explain why.

Inventory management software handles the stock of goods in your sales orders as they move from quotation to fulfilment. EMERGE App is an example of a web-based inventory management solution.

Barcode printing and scanning is a software and hardware combo. It bundles UPC/EAN/QR code printing software together with a thermal printer and a handheld barcode scanner.

So, you see, a barcode inventory app will not help you manage your inventory alone. You need to pair it with a proven inventory management solution.

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Asset and Warehouse Management Systems Do Not Manage Your Inventory

Another misconception is that some "inventory management" solutions are bundled with barcode printers and scanners, and are sold as convenient all-in-one packages.

However, they are more suitable for asset tracking or warehouse management. These are operational niches that bear no resemblance to inventory management.

Asset management systems track physical assets used in the ordinary course of your business, e.g. office stationery and laptops. These assets are not sold by your business to earn an income.

Warehouse management systems focus on achieving operational efficiency inside warehouses. This include optimizing storage of raw materials and finished products.

Thus, neither asset tracking systems nor warehouse management systems can manage orders or track the flow of goods through a business.

For this, you need a fully-featured inventory management system such as EMERGE App.

Pick Your Barcode Scanning & Printing Solution First...

Here, you’ll need to pick a barcode printer, barcode design software, and barcode scanner. The possible permutations and combinations of a barcode printer, software and scanner are endless! But we’ll guide you along.

For the barcode printer, we recommend that you get a desktop barcode printer. They’re perfect for printing shipping labels, retail labels, asset tracking labels, and small print jobs. They can handle jobs of up to 1,000 labels a day. Zebra and SATO are two popular brands of printers.

Next, we recommend that you get a cordless, handheld scanner. They’ll need batteries to run on but your staff will appreciate a cord not getting in the way of things. And they can be brought around the warehouse. Honeywell, Motorola, Datalogic and Symbol are well received in the market.

Finally, if the bundled printing software isn’t enough for you, consider purchasing barcode labelling software. This will allow you to design custom barcode labels that are limited by your printer. Seagull Scientific is a market leader here.

Together, you use the barcode label design software to design custom labels. These are then printed on your desktop or mobile printer. Your warehouse staff will paste the barcode labels as they unpack and inspect incoming stock.

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...Then Start Using It With Your Barcode Inventory App

Now that you have your barcode printing and scanning hardware in place, it’s time to start using it with your inventory management system.

All barcode readers are simply an efficient means of entering Universal Product Codes. The other alternative is to enter the 12 digits one by one using a keyboard or numeric keypad.

Which would you rather do when you have a cycle count of 50 to 100 SKUs to be done today?

Aside from being a means of data entry, barcode scanners can also expedite some workflows.

EMERGE App, for example, uses barcode inventory to quickly dispatch products in a shipment. This allows you to confirm whether the shipment contains all the products ordered, or whether there’s a discrepancy.

Pick a shipment in EMERGE App and then click on the Dispatch button. You’ll be prompted to "Start scanning now!".

If there’s a match, the quantity will increase by one. You can also manually search for a product or adjust the quantity.

But if you made a mistake or were interrupted midway through scanning, you can click on the Rescan button to start from scratch.

Once done, click on the Dispatch button. Then click on the Deliver button to deliver your products. This will also adjust the in-stock quantity in your warehouse.

Congrats, you now have a barcode scanner inventory system!

More about EMERGE App

EMERGE App is an order, purchase and inventory management system that’s perfect for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Hit the ground running and manage your inventory now. Intuitive, user-friendly interface means no manuals or boring training.
  • Designed from ground up for the world’s businesses: multi-currency, multi-tiered taxes, and multilingual documents.
  • Built-in smarts and time-saving tricks. How about automatic landed cost calculation? Or auto tabulation of CBM in packing lists?
  • Pay for what you use with value-for-money plans. Or scale up fast by adding new users when you need to.

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