Minimize errors and speed up your company’s operations by barcode inventory system

Barcode-friendly inventory management software

Barcode-friendly inventory management software

Are you stucking in how to manage all your products, from ordering to shipping and until receiving deliveries? We know that because it is not easy to completely handle all of the stages in a company with such a large quantity of products like wholesale or distribution business. And we also know the best solution for you too.

EMERGE is a user-friendly order, purchase and inventory management cloud application. It also combines the barcode inventory system to effectively manage your operations.

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What are the highlights of inventory management software that integrates a barcode inventory system?

First off, the barcode inventory system includes a barcode printing and scanning system. That means it has both hardware and software, and it is not an inventory management system.

While inventory management software handles the inventory of your order as it moves from quote to fulfillment, a barcode inventory system combines UPC/EAN/QR code printing software along with thermal printers and handheld barcode scanners to support inspection and tracking of your inventory operations.

Just scan and your order will be automatically set up

Just scan and your product in your warehouse will be automatically updated in inventory management software

Just scan and you will have full description of that pack/ product

With the barcode inventory system integrated, EMERGE wants to bring you the best and most convenient way to manage your business. Now, you can optimize your storage as well as inventory management effectively. To see how it works, we will explain to you about how the two systems work together in EMERGE

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How to implement a barcode inventory system in your business operations?

It's a must to have a hardware system first, which means you will prepare a handheld scanner and barcode printer. For printers, we recommend Zebra and SATO. For scanners, Honeywell, Motorola, Datalogic and Symbol are well received by the market

Now that you have the barcode scanning and printing hardware in place, it's time to start using it with the software in your inventory management system.

In addition to being a means of data entry, barcode scanners can also speed up the workflows. In EMERGE, you can use a barcode inventory system to quickly dispatch products in shipment. This allows you to confirm whether the shipment contains all the products ordered or whether there are discrepancies. Pick a shipment in the EMERGE and then click on the Dispatch button. You will be prompted to "Start scanning now!".

If there is a match, the quantity will increase by one. You can also search for products manually or adjust quantities. But if you made a mistake or were interrupted midway through scanning, you can click on the Rescan button to start from scratch. Once done, click on the Dispatch button. Then click on the Deliver button to deliver your products. This will also adjust the in-stock quantity in your warehouse.

Start using EMERGE now, and for a more intuitive look you can watch our video tutorial Here

More about our EMERGE

EMERGE is the perfect order, purchasing and inventory management system for small and medium businesses. Integrating multiple operating systems such as barcode inventory system and Xero inventory system for accounting, EMERGE has a full range of technologies that can bring you:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface means no manuals or boring training.
  • Designed from ground up for the world’s businesses: multi-currency, multi-tiered taxes, and multilingual documents.
  • Built-in smarts and time-saving tricks. How about automatic landed cost calculation? Or auto tabulation of CBM in packing lists?
  • Pay for what you use with value-for-money plans. Or scale up fast by adding new users when you need to.
  • Reduce inventory errors, carrying cost caused by excess inventory
  • Increase supply chain accuracy as well as it’s speed

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