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Send PDF On The Go

Customer requests an immediate quotation? With EMERGE App's on-the-go
PDF function, you can create quotations, sales orders, and
emails from the system with just your tablet.

#Quotation0001 Send PDF #Quotation0001 Send PDF #Quotation0001 Send PDF

User-Friendly Interface to Get Work Done

Say goodbye to complicated business apps, long manuals and boring training classes. Start using EMERGE App from the get-go with a frictionless setup. Easily import your customers, suppliers and products with a painless upload feature.

Work, Share and Store Data in the Cloud

Get work done with EMERGE App in any web browser from wherever you may be in the world. Save all your data securely in one place in the cloud. Share files and collaborate online using our Tasks & Notes feature.

Flexible Workflows for Any Business

We know that different businesses have different workflows. Our modular approach fits itself to your business. Do you need partial delivery/invoicing or consolidated delivery/invoicing from multiple sales orders? Consider it done in EMERGE App.

Role-Based User Access for Employees

Assign different user access rights to different employees. Ensure that your staff only need to see the business records to get their job done. So salespeople, for example, only have access to customers, products and sales records but not the rest.

Most Flexible Flow For Import, Export, Wholesale, Trading, Distribution Business Models

We understand that different supply chain businesses can have very different workflows. Our flexible workflow allows partial delivery/invoicing, consolidated delivery/invoicing from multiple sales orders, drop ship purchase from sales orders to mass purchase & delivery. We nailed it & improvements are being made everyday.

Most Flexible Flow For E-commerce, Trading, Distribution Business Models

Multi-Channel Sales for Businesses

Previously, you might have struggled with different workflows for your e-commerce and traditional B2B sales. But in today’s multi-faceted business world, we merge the offline and online flows to give merchants an awesome tool to run their business more effectively.

Drop ship, Pick, Pack, Ship or Delivery

Once the sales order is generated from the sales team or from your ecommerce channel, you can pick the items you want to ship immediately from the sales order, or generate a shipping order and issue the delivery. This can be done regardless if you’re shipping through your very own delivery team or a courier.

Drop ship, Pick, Pack, Ship or Delivery

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