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Send PDF On The Go

Customer request an immediate quotation? With EMERGE App's on-the-go
PDF function, you can create quotation, sales order, or other documents and
email from the system with just your tablet.

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All Your Business Data At Your Fingertips

Manage your entire operations & monitor
critical business figures to drive profits.

Collaborate With Your Colleagues

Every module in EMERGE App is installed with "Tasks & Notes" feature to allow storing, sharing & collaborating of files across your company

Suitable for Small & Large Companies


Simple features allow end to end business management. Cloud mobility is perfect for a 1-man show.


Create users for salesman, operational & accounts department; allowing them access to predetermined modules only.


Create specific access rights for each individual employee in your department. Give access to view, edit or delete in each module.

User Access For Different Employee Functions


You have salesmen in your company and only want them to have access to customer, product & sales modules but not the rest? Create user accounts and assign access permissions.

Operation & Purchasing

Have an operational or purchasing department but only want them to have access to purchasing & fulfillment module? Just assign.

Management & Accounts

Need access for the entire system? Create an administration account.

Most Flexible Flow For E-commerce, Trading, Distribution Business Models

We understand that different supply chain businesses can have very different workflows. Our flexible workflow allows partial delivery/invoicing, consolidated delivery/invoicing from multiple sales orders, drop ship purchase from sales orders to mass purchase & delivery. We nailed it & improvements are being made everyday

Most Flexible Flow For E-commerce, Trading, Distribution Business Models

Multi-sales Channel With Synchronised Inventory - Perfect For Both Online And Offline Sales

Traditionally, workflows for sales for the offline b2b & online ecommerce industries are relatively different. But in today’s multi-faceted commerce world, we marry the offline & online flows giving our merchants an awesome tool to run their business more effectively

Drop ship, Pick, Pack, Ship or Delivery

Once the sales order is generated from the sales team or from your ecommerce channel, you can pick the items you want to ship immediately from the sales order, or generate a shipping order and issue the delivery. This can be done regardless if you’re shipping through your very own delivery team or a courier.

Drop ship, Pick, Pack, Ship or Delivery

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