Inventory Management For Startups

We know starting a new business is challenging as hell


Think of all the things you need to start from scratch. Thinking about them by itself is already a headache. Think of all the better things you could be doing.... But you aren’t.

You want to build a trading business. That’s the oldest kind in the book, and that’s a VERY good thing. The best thing actually, in our opinion. :)

We’ve tried it for ourselves, and had some fair success, but take it from us that this industry is not very kind to businesses who haven’t got their act together.

And that’s why you’re here, and we want to help you.

As a small trading business, you want to get off the blocks doing the most important things: serving your customers and making a profit.

In between those things however lie an ocean of complexity that you can get caught up in, and trust us, we’ve been lost in there several times. So here’s the proposal: Life has no shortcuts, but there are some things you don’t have to do yourself. Let us do the heavy lifting and you go focus on what’s important to you.

Here are the problems that we'll solve for you


Information all over the damn place


Losing track of your inventory levels


Selling something you don't have


Paying for something you did't get


Losing customers due to information overload


Are you making a loss or profit? No one knows

Things you don't need to set up if you use EMERGE App

num-1 Quotation format in spreadsheets
num-2 Invoice / Delivery Order format in spreadsheets
num-3 No spreadsheet needed to track your products & quantity
num-4 No spreadsheet needed to track your orders & purchases
num-5 No spreadsheet needed to track your billings & payables
num-6 No guessing on profit margin
num-7 No trouble synchronizing your sales on multiple e-commerce or offline channels

Sounds nifty eh? Why not give us a try here and see if we put the money where our mouths are.
I bet you’d be impressed. That’s because we have:

ready-made documents...

Ready-made documents for you to instantly send to customers & suppliers from the get-go

1 single location for product...

One single location for product catalogue to track everything

Inventory levels real time...

Real-time inventory levels real time if you’re selling online or offline

Gets you looking like a pro-business

Gets you looking like a pro-business from the start

And the last point is all that’s matters, doesn’t it? Pretty things don’t just drop from the sky,
especially not one that costs just $24/month.

You want to impress your customers, and we want to impress you. Try EMERGE App today, and see the difference in your business.

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