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To maintain healthy cash flow, inventory levels must be optimized. But there is a huge amount of work involved in inventory, especially in the wholesale or distribution industry. Using EMERGE, online inventory management software can help you solve those inventory problems. Furthermore, with the cloud platform, you can track and update everything in your warehouses in real time. Scroll down and see more features about our online inventory management software and how it works.
Product History

Track Product History

Implementing online inventory management software can help you track the product history.
Every adjustment, purchase, sales, returns and exchanges all recorded in the inventory movement report.
Not only the product information but also your ordering history with the supplier.

Damage Adjustments

Defective products adjustments

Inventory obsolescence, expiration and damage during the time storing or the defective products from suppliers can cause financial losses and ultimately damage brand reputation.
Using online inventory management software can easily track and identify them.
Managers can then adjust the information of those products to prevent mistakes when delivering orders to customers.

Reorder Feature

Reorder feature

Insufficient supply always a problems with businesses. Using the reorder feature in online inventory management software with established inventory levels can automatically place orders to suppliers when the limit is reached.
On another hand, the situation of excess inventory or overstocking are also the pain point for any manager. Based on the reports our EMERGE provides, you can set the suitable stock levels for any products. And orders will be placed automatically, you no longer need to worry about underestimating or overestimating your warehouse inventory.

Exchange & return management

Returns and Exchanges

Exchanges and returns from customers can be managed easily with software now.

If an invoice has been issued before the return, a credit note tagged to the invoice will be automatically issued.

Inventory will be reconciled for both exchanges and returns.

Beside, our barcode inventory software integrated in EMERGE also helps a lot. Speed up your operations and make everything easy to “entry”. For returns and exchanges, simply scan that barcode and your inventory status will be updated automatically.

Adjustment Approval

Adjustment Approval

All manual inventory adjustment, for any reason, will require an approval from the administrator. That could waste so much time of staff and admin as well.

But using online inventory management, the administrator can also issue user access for approval to any user. For businesses with multiple locations or distribution centers, management adjustments become difficult to control and coordinate across different locations.

Using EMERGE software can provide you with a centralized hub to manage multiple operations simply by giving authorized people user access.

Real-time inventory status

Balance inventory after committed sales stock will be displayed as available inventory.

It considers all purchases and sales that may not be physically in your inventory.

Physical inventory that you have in your warehouse also known as stock on hand or physical stocks in your inventory. This is important if your business is a go-to company for immediate stocks.

Successfully controlling those information can help you prevent problems when running your business that shouldn’t happen, such as making incorrect assumptions about how much product you have before closing a customer order.

Gold Features

Request for Quotation (RFQ Report)

EMERGE offers a helpful feature called the RFQ KPI report. This feature lets users record quotes they get from suppliers. It helps compare prices, minimum order quantities (MOQ), and estimated delivery times between suppliers. The goal is to find the one with the best terms to boost company profits.

This is especially useful for wholesale or trading businesses that deal with lots of quotes and orders from suppliers and customers.

With the RFQ Report, you can make your operations smoother, saving your employees time and making your business more efficient overall. Specifically, with this data, users can easily create purchase orders using the RFQ report. It helps you assess how well your staff is doing in finding the best suppliers/products through the RFQ KPI Report.

Here are the specific functions:

  1. RFQ List: Records item prices and purchase conditions for easier quoting.
  2. RFQ Report: Combines RFQ data for comparing conditions across suppliers and historical data. It helps with bulk purchasing.
  3. RFQ KPI Report: Collects metrics on purchaser performance, showing how successful they are in buying.

For only $19 per month or $99 per year, do you think it could significantly improve your staff’s performance in decision-making?

Trading workflow

With this feature you can issue year-long sales/purchase commitments to customers based on signed contracts. Multiple sales lots are then issued throughout the year, each adjustable within the total commitment. Lots are tracked with unique numbers assigned for easy monitoring.

This workflow suits businesses with contractual commitments:

  • Farms & plantations that can only give estimated output every month but are contracted for an entire year
  • Government contractors with total commitment but are required to fulfill at smaller quantities throughout the year
  • Maintenance companies with contracts with suppliers to "reserve" products on a year-long contract that requires supplies to be fulfilled weekly, monthly or on demand.

Starting at $99/month or $829/year, this feature provides an affordable solution for managing contractual obligations and supply chains efficiently.

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