Wholesale Distribution Software for Small Businesses

Small business but with wholesale and distribution industry, it is not that small! We understand your pain, EMERGE is created to participate in your operations from ordering to receiving until shipping to your end customers.

Receiving customer requirements

Customers call to request a quotation/estimate for the items they want to buy
Having wholesale distribution software is now like owning a part of CRM software where you can manage customer relationships. Each customer has their own module for you to check the progress from order to shipping or even the returns or exchanges
At the end, you will get the report showing who your valued customers are or how much they’ve spent with your company

Receive customer requirements
Check stocks in your inventory & issue quotation
Check stocks in your inventory & issue quotation

Giving your customers a quick response is all that matters. It is a requirement to keep your customers from choosing another company.
Wholesalers always have many warehouses to keep their goods. That will be hard for them to track all warehouses manually instead of using software. Feel your pain, our wholesale distribution software provides you with master information about products including place, batch, expiration day, remaining product, price…
Now you can track them anytime and anywhere

Insufficient stocks

It will be a big loss for a small business if you have confirmed with customers but eventually, you realize that your inventory is not enough for the order.
You may lose your customers, you have to compensate them and your brand image would be destroyed because of just one mistake
Using wholesale distribution software can help you avoid missing out on your customer orders due to insufficient stock

Order confirmation
Insufficient stocks
Order confirmation

After checking your product status and response to your customer, it’s time to Issue a sales order or convert the quotation into a sales order
Each step will be updated in real-time in EMERGE

Fulfillment to customer

Now it’s time to pick, pack and ship to your customers. Using our wholesale distribution software can give you the most accurate progress. Because our EMERGE has integrated barcode inventory software.
Using barcodes not only helps speed up your operations but also increases the accuracy of “pick pack and ship” for your beloved customer
Learn more about our barcode inventory software here

Fulfilment to customer

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