Inventory Software for Electronic, Electrical and Industrial Equipment Business

Grow your revenue and focus on the things that truly matter

Are you a wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer dealing with electronic, electrical and industrial products? Or perhaps you’re looking for electrical inventory management software?

We feel your pain when your records, spreadsheets and software aren’t keeping in step with your company’s growth rate.

EMERGE App is a cloud-based order, purchase and inventory management software brimming with features, shortcuts and clever hacks for businesses just like yours. Don’t take our word for it! Read on to see why.

Features of our electrical inventory management software

Aside from the usual benefits of centralized records at your fingertips, role-based user management and an extensive product catalog, we’ve built in features that are useful for managing your stock of electronic, electrical and industrial equipment.

Back-to-back trading flow

We know that you like to keep things lean and mean in your trading business.

With razor-thin margins, you keep minimal inventory and only order stock when a sale is made.

Or perhaps you’re running a drop shipping workflow where orders are shipped directly from your manufacturers and suppliers to the customer.

EMERGE App turbocharges this trading workflow with time-saving tricks.

For instance, it lets you seamlessly issue purchase orders to multiple suppliers from a single sales order.

Serial number tracking

Using unique serial numbers for your inventory means that it’s easy for you to track high-value items, or to check their warranty and maintenance records in a pinch.

You also get a central and secure registry of your inventory. So, prospective buyers can check on their authenticity and service history with you.

Check out our blog article, Benefits of Inventory Serial Number Tracking, and see how it’s done with EMERGE App.

Customer-specific price lists

We all know there are customers.

And that there are good customers.

So, treat your best customers with a tiered price list just for them. Assign different price lists to different customers.

Or tempt customers by breaking out your price lists into seasonal spring, summer, fall and winter specials.

FIFO cost calculation

EMERGE App uses the universally accepted FIFO inventory costing method.

This means more accurate costing for setting margins and prices for your products

In fact, you can choose whether to calculate COGS based on closed, fully paid, or fully delivered orders.

Or include partially paid and partially delivered orders in the cost of sales.

Simple assembly

Your products may require some assembly before they are sold.

EMERGE App lets you manage your raw materials in the same way as your finished goods.

Landed costs are automatically calculated per unit of raw materials.

For products made in batches, the finished quantity is added to production batches that you define.

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