Inventory Management for Apparel, Clothing, Shoes, Cosmetics and Accessories Businesses

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Are you a wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer looking for apparel inventory management software? We feel your pain when your records, spreadsheets and software aren’t keeping in step with your company’s growth rate.
EMERGE App is a cloud-based order, purchase and inventory management software brimming with features, shortcuts and clever hacks for businesses just like yours. You could call it a clothing inventory app or even an apparel ERP package.

Features of our apparel inventory management software

Aside from the usual features you’d expect to find in a global fashion ERP software, we’ve built in features that make it easier to manage your stock of clothing, shoes, cosmetics and accessories.

Customer-specific price lists

We all know there are customers. And that there are loyal customers.

EMERGE App lets you assign different price lists to different customers.

So, treat your best customers with a tiered price list just for them. Buy more, save more.

Or tempt regular customers by breaking out your price lists into seasonal, holiday and event specials.

Multi-matrix product management

In the fashion industry, tracking the sheer number of size, color and design options for each product can be overwhelming.

Our clothing inventory software lets you create as many product variants as you need for all of your fashion products.

And you can easily enter the quantity required in a variant table that lists every variant option for a product.

Handheld barcode scanning

Turbocharge your fulfilment workflow with barcode scanning support in EMERGE App.

Simply grab and start scanning away to add items to sales and purchase orders, to transfer stock, and to dispatch orders.

And to save even more time, you don’t even have to start with a new sales or purchase order.

Just scan away and a new order will automatically be created.

Exchanges and return management

A major pain point in the fashion industry is dealing with returns and exchanges.

After all, customers won’t buy if they are not confident they can return or exchange a good that doesn’t fit or meet their expectations.

EMERGE App handles unwanted goods with a comprehensive returns and exchanges module.

Simply select a shipment and the quantity to be returned or exchanged. The stocks will then be returned back to a selected warehouse location.

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