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Product Management Software

In the realm of wholesale business operations, effective product management software stands as a linchpin for streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency. The ideal product management solution should boast a user-friendly interface, facilitating seamless navigation and task execution for all users involved. 

Product management software in wholesale, trading & distribution business

Managing goods in wholesale, trading or distribution is undeniably challenging. Dealing with a large variety and quantity of products daily makes manual tracking and organization difficult. Advanced technologies play a crucial role, providing innovative solutions to simplify the complexities of product management.

Consider product management software as your ideal solution. Acting as a reliable sidekick, this software equips you with powerful tools to easily handle all products of your company in one place. EMERGE stands out as an exemplary product management solution worth considering.

Raw material management

In your wholesale business, where end-products are generated for sale or distribution to other businesses, effective raw material management plays a pivotal role in product management. Proficient management of raw materials is essential for cost savings and maintaining overall land costs.

Accumulating excessive raw materials poses serious challenges. Quality deterioration or manufacturing delays can result in increased warehouse costs and delayed cash flow. Utilizing product management software simplifies raw material management. EMERGE offers a "raw material" feature, allowing you to oversee the consumption of raw materials for final product production.

This feature enables you to manage all the materials required for a single product. EMERGE provides a software solution for inventory control of raw materials through reports or direct checks within the "product" section. When material prices fluctuate, you can discern the impact through product reports, facilitating adjustments to raw material inventory based on the current situation.



In wholesale business, dealing with a large number of goods can be a real challenge. I empathize with the difficulties faced by wholesale managers globally. Product lines often consist of numerous variants, including size, color, material type, and even expiration dates for each product. Managing such a vast inventory manually becomes impractical, making a product management solution essential for effective warehouse management.

EMERGE addresses this challenge with its Multi-matrix variants feature, allowing you to create a detailed product relationship for your company. This feature simplifies the process of setting up tags, images, and selling prices for individual variants within the product management software.

The utility of product management software extends beyond just managing product variants. It is invaluable when creating purchase orders for customers and handling post-sale stages. Without inventory software, envisioning the complexities that could arise from changes at any stage is daunting and could lead to chaos, hindering your ability to control the entire process.

Complex units of measurement

Complex unit of measurement

To cater to the needs of traditional import and export companies engaged in wholesale or trading business, EMERGE as a product management solution has developed a sophisticated unit of measurement feature. This comprehensive unit system accommodates various units, providing flexibility for your diverse product range. Whether you sell products in their most basic unit, in boxes, crates, or even in more specialized measurements like grams, ounce,...EMERGE covers it all. And product management software allows you to add selling and purchase prices for each unit.

When creating an order, you can effortlessly scan and adjust the unit based on your customer’s requirements. This functionality is seamlessly integrated into the product management software, offering specific details at the root level of each product.

Batch and expiry

Batch and expiry

Inventory management becomes particularly intricate, given the diverse business models across industries. In the wholesale distribution sector, particularly within pharmaceuticals, food, and biomaterials, the complexity of inventory tracking and product management intensifies. In these industries, it is crucial to track each product purchase by batches and, at times, even by expiry dates. With numerous product lines featuring various batches, expiration dates, and supplier differentiations, a robust product management solution becomes essential for effective management during both receiving and selling processes.

EMERGE addresses this challenge by providing the capability to track, adjust, and work with products easily and accurately based on batches and expiry dates. This functionality proves invaluable in ensuring precision and efficiency within the intricate landscape of inventory management in these specialized industries.

Raw material management

Manage your products in categories, brands

Managing products in categories and brands is a crucial aspect of effective inventory and product management. This approach helps businesses organize their offerings in a structured manner, making it easier for both internal teams and customers to navigate and understand the product landscape.

EMERGE stands as a software application where you can organize your company’s goods in categories or brands. Employing this centralized product management software streamlines the handling of products, categories, and brands in one unified platform. This ensures that all relevant information is easily accessible and can be updated consistently.

Most importantly, having products categorized by brands and categories allows your business to quickly generate reports based on these parameters for better decision making.

Simple manufacturing (assembly)

Simple management (assembly)

Implementing a product management solution provides significant advantages through automated processes. EMERGE serves as an exemplary solution, automating tasks and reducing workload. You can create production schedules and set completion dates, allowing for the automatic deduction of raw materials and addition to the final product, ensuring accurate inventory levels.

For wholesale distribution businesses, particularly those involved in import and export, these automated features usher in a new level of effectiveness and accuracy in business operations. This automation not only streamlines processes but also minimizes the likelihood of errors in various stages of operations.

Gold Features

Variant table interface

A simple yet essential feature called the Variant Table Interface. With this feature, EMERGE provides you with a display format that combines variants of the same item with the same price into a table view. You can use this view for various functions like creating orders from Quote Order, Sale Order, Purchase Order, Receive Note, Delivery Order, Invoice, and more.

This feature is particularly valuable in the fashion industry, where having an overview of your products is crucial for creating orders quickly and easily.

Keeping the page neat and easy to read, this design helps users purchase and sell items more efficiently. You won’t waste time searching for different sizes or colors of the same item in separate conditions.

Industries that are suitable but not limited to use Variant table interface:

  • Fashion, accessories & stationery
  • Industrial parts with different variations (eg: Diameter, dial, colour etc)
  • Household consumables
  • Medical consumables

At $59 per month or $489 per year, investing in this optimization process could significantly improve your workflow. Do you think it’s worth it?

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