Success Stories


Teyssa Seed Research, Argentina

Teyssa Seed Research, a biotechnology agriculture business, optimised their daily operations, avoided data entry tasks and improved their budgeting and forecasting accuracy.


Pet Ultra

Pet Ultra is the one-stop e-commerce store for your pet’s needs. The team is made up of two co-founders, and ad hoc part time staff.

JR Healthcare

JR Healthcare is a Singapore-based independent provider for medical concierge services. The team consists of two people and ad hoc part time staff.


Altersource Tooling Systems

Altersource Tooling Systems is a distributor & trader of industrial cutting tools. The company is a 2 man team supported with a part time admin assistant.

Her Jwr

Her Jewellery Pte Ltd

Her Jewellery is a multinational jewellery manufacturer, distributor & retailer based in Singapore and China, with 6 people in the operations team.