JR Healthcare

JR Healthcare is a Singapore-based independent provider for medical concierge services. The team consists of two people and ad hoc part time staff.


Altersource Tooling Systems

Altersource Tooling Systems is a distributor & trader of industrial cutting tools. The company is a 2 man team supported with a part time admin assistant.

Her Jwr

Her Jewellery Pte Ltd

Her Jewellery is a multinational jewellery manufacturer, distributor & retailer based in Singapore and China, with 6 people in the operations team.

JR Healthcare

  • 1 JR Healthcare sources its products on an adhoc basis, operating on a dropship model as the number and consistency of clients are often unpredictable.

    How EMERGE App helps:
    Upon receiving a client, the user places a Purchase Order (Dropship) to be delivered on the date of the client’s surgery to the hospital.

  • 2 After the medical procedure is completed and the bill is received on behalf of the client, JR Healthcare needed an invoice management system to keep track of their clients and billings.

    How EMERGE App helps:
    JR Healthcare uses EMERGE’s direct invoicing system and files the invoices using the reporting module available to create its monthly reports.

  • 3 Success!

    JR Healthcare is able to manage all non-client communications from EMERGE’s software, and the consolidated location of information helps JR Healthcare to make better business decisions.