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Wholesale Distribution Management Software

Wholesale distribution management software is the powerhouse behind streamlined operations in your distribution business. It orchestrates inventory, orders, and customer interactions with precision, ensuring a smooth and efficient performance for your business.

Is there a need to use wholesale management software? and how does it work?

Wholesale management software plays a vital role in running businesses, particularly in the intricate wholesale distribution industry. It greatly improves efficiency, accuracy, and overall management, handling aspects like inventory, order processing, and customer relationships.
This software offers tools to simplify operations, save time, and adjust to the evolving needs of a growing wholesale business. Furthermore, it ensures better communication within the organization, centralizing information and improving collaboration. The software is adaptable to changing business needs, making it a valuable tool for wholesale distribution companies.
For a closer look at how it operates in companies, consider EMERGE, a wholesale distribution software recently recognized in TechTimes as one of the best for startup businesses.

Easy analytics and reports

Integrate with eCommerce platforms

Firstly, the primary goal of wholesale distribution software is to meet the unique needs of this industry. EMERGE stands out as top-tier wholesale management software, especially with its integration with various ecommerce platforms.

EMERGE makes it easy to grow your online business by seamlessly connecting with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. Additionally, we’re here to support your expansion into eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

B2B eCommerce platform

Effortlessly set up a customer account and experience seamless order processing through our B2B eCommerce platform, a leading wholesale distribution software. With EMERGE, you have the flexibility to generate individual logins for each retailer, ensuring an exclusive and personalized experience.

On another side, your customers can conveniently monitor the status of their orders. We’ve implemented an on-the-go solution for this feature, allowing customers to place orders using their phones from anywhere and at any time.

Multi Tier Pricing

Multi Tier Pricing

Our wholesale management software helps you to build custom pricing lists for different retailers. You can set price list for each customer, which will appear automatically in sales orders.

Whether you have long-term partners with negotiated rates or new customers with different pricing structures, the Multi-Tier Pricing feature in wholesale distribution software ensures a seamless and personalized experience for each, contributing to improved customer satisfaction and efficient sales management.

Generating quotations hasn’t been easier

Generating quotations hasn’t been easier

Generating quotations is made simple with wholesale distribution software. It only takes a few clicks to complete the task.

EMERGE is designed with the industry in mind, providing a user-friendly display that covers all your requirements, incorporating discounts and taxes at the item level.

You can effortlessly convert confirmed quotations into sales orders and create PDF documents, enabling you to email quotations to your customers on-the-go.

Swiftly create Sales Order

Our wholesale distribution software streamlines your order processes effortlessly. Whether you’re creating sales orders manually or converting from quotations, our platform adapts seamlessly.

With automatic integration from your eCommerce store, you get real-time updates, and inventory levels are deducted automatically.

Take advantage of on-the-go flexibility with PDF generation and email capabilities. Propose dropship or standard purchase orders effortlessly. It’s a comprehensive solution designed for efficiency in your wholesale distribution operations.

Inventory Management

With a vast product range, wholesale businesses need a wholesale management software to efficiently handle inventory, you now can track both available and physical inventory in a detailed listing report, ensuring real-time visibility.

Using wholesale management software avoids overstocks and stockouts, optimizes restocking, and streamline order fulfillment with actionable insights. This level of control enhances operational efficiency and maintains a profitable inventory balance.

Easy analytics and reports

Easy analytics and reports

EMERGE takes care of all your reporting needs, ensuring accuracy and completeness with wholesale distribution software. No need to worry about getting everything right – it’s all handled seamlessly.

This capability empowers you to easily compare and assess crucial aspects such as sales, inventory levels, and the efficiency of your ordering and delivery processes.

Once armed with this valuable overview of your business operations, making informed decisions for the next steps becomes a breeze. EMERGE ensures that you have the insights you need to navigate your business journey effectively and confidently.

Accounting integrations

Accounting integrations

Last but not least, with EMERGE, you can seamlessly integrate your business with accounting solutions like QuickBooks Online and Xero.

By then, using wholesale management software not only adds convenience to your wholesale distribution operations but also allows you to effortlessly manage tasks such as accounting and CRM.

The versatility of EMERGE empowers your wholesale business with comprehensive solutions that go beyond inventory and order management.

In summary, wholesale management software is beneficial for businesses looking to enhance the operational efficiency, improve accuracy, and adapt to the dynamic nature of the wholesale distribution industry. The specific features and functionalities may vary among different software solutions, so businesses should choose a system that aligns with you guys unique needs and goals.

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