Inventory management for Exporters, Importers and Traders

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Are you an importer, exporter or trader engaged in international trade? We feel your pain when your records, spreadsheets and software aren’t keeping in step with your company’s growth rate.

EMERGE App is a cloud-based order, purchase and inventory management software brimming with features, shortcuts and clever hacks for businesses just like yours. You could call it a clothing inventory app or even an apparel ERP package.

Features for global traders like you

Aside from the usual benefits of centralized records at your fingertips, role-based user management and an extensive product catalog, we’ve built in features that make it easier to manage your inventory when you import or export them.

Multi-currency support

Dealing with multiple international currencies and their exchange rates is a major headache.

EMERGE App lets you choose a base currency for your business.

And to add as many foreign currencies and their exchange rates as you need for your business.

So, when it comes to financial reporting, foreign currency transaction amounts will be converted to your base currency based on the exchange rate that you defined.

Barcode scanning technology

An important task for any exporter or distributor is to make sure that shipments contain the items that were ordered, and in the right quantity.

EMERGE App helps you to minimize errors by using barcode scanning to dispatch orders before they are shipped out.

Simply select a shipment to dispatch and start scanning the items in the order.

Any discrepancies will be highlighted and you can pause the barcode scanning to make manual adjustments if necessary.

Automatic CBM calculation

For exporters, getting your CBM calculations right means getting more accurate freight cost quotations.

However, it’s time consuming to manually calculate the CBM for the items in a shipment.

EMERGE App lets you enter the packing dimensions for products in the your catalog.

Then it’ll automatically calculate the CBM when you add products to an order.

One-click export packing lists

For exporters, generating a packing list can be a time-consuming and manual job.

Why copy and paste from a sales order or quotation when you can automatically create a packing list in one click from any shipment or quotation.

EMERGE App generates a downloadable packing list that contains a list of items in the shipment along with their weight and CBM.

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