8 Actionable Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment for Online Retailers


Online retailing is becoming a new way of buying things you need.

Since there are lots of retail sellers online, people are always confused which way they should go.

Shopping cart abandonments are a big concern, ultimately you’re losing the sale. There could be a number of reasons why consumers are leaving their cart unattended or abandon them.

So let’s discuss the actionable tips you should take by dividing them into post cart abandonment and pre-cart abandonment actions.

Pre-Cart Abandonment Actions

These actions can influence the consumers while they’re shopping and proceed to the payment options. You may increase your sales, and decrease abandonment rates.

1. Show the product and use images

On the payment page, just don’t show texts and invoice number.

You should show images of the products that the consumer is going to buy. If any product is not the desirable one, they would quickly response to it.

This can be a good sign, as you saved the extra efforts in returning. It is always better to show people what they are buying.

2. Security logos

There is a significant increase in sales of 4-6% on the retailers who have various security logos.

People tend to trust the retailer that way and proceed to payments. Most people wouldn’t trust you if you’re having logos of different card and payment gateways.

3. Free shipping

The moment people realize you’re including shipping charge in the payment. They will back out.

61% people leave out if the shipping is not free.

This is a major influencing factor in making your sales. If the same product is mentioned on two retailers, one charging shipping charges and other is not, who would you prefer? You got your answer.

4Avoid registrations

People move out if you’re making them spend more time than you should.

Avoid forced registrations, and make simple gateways that don’t require much effort. Some people are lazy, and just abandon their carts instead of registering.

There are 45% increase sales if you remove forced registrations.

5. Social Logins

A social login is a kind of single sign-on/sign up where you use existing login information of a social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to log on to a third website, instead of creating a new log-in account specially for that website.

The use of social logins can make the registration- or subscription process easier, and therefore faster.

If your brand isn’t very known, seeing familiar logos like Facebook and Twitter can enhance the feeling of familiarity and comfort.

Social users can come handy, when users don’t have to remember usernames and passwords, there will possibly be less failed logins. On the condition that they still know which social login they’ve used.

It’s often not easy to log in on a smartphone. A social login can be an easy solution for mobile users.

6. Offer different payment

You should provide a wide range of payment methods, because some customers may not find the right way to pay.

Including a gateway that has all the options for payment is a must. It should be trusted gateways also; otherwise, people will discard the cart.

Post-cart abandonment

They are measures which can bring back the customer which has left the cart abandoned. You have to remind the customer about the product so they can buy it from you.

7. Ad retargeting

You can use services like Google Adwords, AdRoll, or Retargeter to retarget your audience with appropriate ads of the product they recently viewed.

This can create an influence and buyer can return to your website through that ad directly.

Ad retargeting is a very efficient way to get back your lost customer and compensate cart abandonment.

Ad retargeting can increase the sale as much as 50%. According to customer interactions, every one in four customers returns to the website by ads and buy the desired product.

8. Send Emails

You can send emails of abandoned products and carts to the customers on their registered email.

This can change the consumer thinking and you may end up in the sale of the product they were interested in.

When you send emails, you make an impression that you’re dedicated to selling your product. Customers respond to these emails.

Also, this emails should provide support and product info, and redirect directly to the payment gateway.


You need not fret when a customer abandons their shopping cart online. There are various methods and ways to entice customers to keep their purchases in the cart before they check out. Likewise, you can take action should they leave their cart and not return for a pre-determined time.