[How to] Increase eCommerce Traffic & Sales with Coupons

How to Increase eCommerce Traffic & Sales with Coupons

E-commerce businesses totally depend upon the sales you’re getting. Due to a lot of competition, you may encounter the phenomenon where the sales are stagnant or decreased.

Every e-commerce business goes through this point at some time.

There are a lot of ways which you can follow that can significantly increase the sales, like marketing, promotions, increasing brand value, research on products, and discounts.

Now in this post, we will explain how coupons can bring sustainable growth to your business.

Discounts and coupons are a great way of getting hold of your customer, because if you start giving your customer a lower price, they’re going to come at you, and increase your business.

That way, by offering few percent discount, you’re getting a potential customer, and his future business.

It a great way of telling people that you’re customer-centric, and want to get their business.

There are different ways of implementing this plan, and different effects on the sales. Let us see how you can increase the sales with coupons.

Increase eCommerce Traffic & Sales with Coupons

Use coupons as a loyalty award.

You can track out your customers that have been with you for a long time and give special discounts and coupons to them.

You can also figure out their targeted product and start giving them discounts on them. you can treat a loyal customer like that because he is going to be with you all the time, so you’re definitely getting that business.

Even if the customer is new, you can try coupons and discounts to make it your permanent customer.

All you have to do is make a certain amount of shopping free from your store, and a percentage discount on first purchase, or some freebie with the purchase, you can do it in whichever way you want, and surely, the customer is going to be happy.

You can also give reward points every time a customer buys something, and if a customer has a fair amount of award points, declare a freebie for that. Like you will get a freebie if you cross 500 reward points or something.

This way, a customer will always be curious and do a lot of business with you. You can also use that reward points in measuring the discount that particular customer should get.

We all know that a customer who is loyal is worth more than any other thing in a business. That loyal customer is going to speak of you with his circle and bring in more business.

Run contests

Contests are a great way to catch customers. Spend some time solving the riddle, and then get a freebie. People actually loving this idea of giving freebies, because of course, contests are fun to participate. One of the biggest e-commerce joint Amazon conducts this riddle contests, where people has to guess the product through a riddle, and if done correctly, you are going to get that product for free, or negligible charges.

You can also give discounts if people participate in your contests, in that way, you’re directing way more traffic than your usual day. A contest will become popular on social media, and imagine the hits you get on your website. That can ultimately lead to a good marketing strategy. You can give discounts as a prize to contest winner, so it works both ways.

You can also try coupons to be the entry criteria for the contest, so people would go made if the prize is something which is popular enough. Give a product as a prize, which is in demand, trend, and something people would love to have it.

Coupons and discounts should be given for a specific reason, other a freebie with no reason can have a negative effect on your sales. Give freebies, but for a reason, let customer earn it by a contest or anything.

Holidays and Festival seasons

It is a great saying that hit the iron when it’s hot. People are in the mood of spending when there are festivals are going on. You can additionally trigger their mind into buying stuff by giving them insane festive discounts and coupons which are valid for that day only.

It is a great way of celebrating a festival with your customer base and trying to get their business single-handedly.  You can publish these discount coupons on social media, and publicize them as much as you can. Make your website homepage particularly for that day, and show people that where your discounted products are.

By applying these techniques, you’re calling many people on to your website, and since there is a lot of buying in the festive season, you are definitely to increase your sales. Make a time limit to these coupons so that you can trigger the customers’ mind to buy stuff fast or else they will lose the deal.

Referral discounts

People who share, market, and refer your e-commerce store or products through their blog, social media, or links should definitely get their rewards. There are two reasons for this, first, they’re making your customer base strong, you’re reaching out more people, and that means marketing. Second, when the people will get referral discounts, it will actually encourage them to do it more and more, which also means marketing. So overall, it is a win-win situation, so you won’t mind paying some amount.

If we compare, the amount you’re spending on the referral discounts, as way less than the actual business you’re going to get through the fan base you created by using that discounts. Also, this will encourage people to visit and do business, because referring is an online way of being a good mouth about your brand.

Regular discounts

People need a reason to spend their money, so if they don’t have any, you’re the one which should be giving them one. Give coupons and discounts regularly so that you can increase your sales. Publicize them on social media and every other marketing plan. Plan discounts and coupons according to the mood of the people and trend. Regular discounts show that you’re getting great sales, and aren’t afraid of losing some money, it also reflects that you’re a great company that knows how to attract people.


The thing with people is that they love attention and extra care when it comes to buying, and discounts are that comfort which definitely works for these people.

In the end, it all comes down to the answer of this question, Which e-commerce websites you would choose, the one that gives regular discounts and freebies, or the one which hardly does any effort and does not care in acquiring the customer base? You got your answer.