EMERGE App was created with only one sole purpose in mind: to make life simpler, faster and more interesting.

Back in 2011, my life was neither of the three. I was running an apparel printing and customisation business that was constantly running into minor issues that together presented a massive headache for my team and I. Week after week, month after month I found myself handling stock inaccuracies, endless paperwork and accounting mayhem, rather than what I first set out to do: to provide and delight my customers with an identity that they can call their own, through simply having their brands on a physical product and taking ownership of it.

I found myself very depressed and quickly lost focus as i tried solution after solution to no avail. At that time, existing solutions were either catered for larger companies or too costly and complex for the small business. After all my efforts, there was still no solution in sight.


Realising that there was this gap to fill, my team and I decided to commit ourselves to solving this problem with our own solution: a Software as a Service (SaaS) that would bring down the cost to enable hundreds of thousands of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to live life simpler, faster and more interesting.

Initially, we started with customisation projects for large enterprises. From there we quickly learnt what worked and what didn’t. These projects also 100% funded the development of EMERGE App, allowing us complete independence to create a product the way we wanted. The team and the product has since undergone various trials by fire, and each time we have emerged from our tests much stronger than before.

Join us as on this journey as we look forward to making life simpler, faster and more interesting for the rest of the world.


Benjamin Yee
Founder & CEO
Jeriel Tan
Jeriel Tan
Gigi Nguyen
Gigi Nguyen
Vice President, Product
Alex Le
Alex Le
Vice President, Engineering
Raviraj Hegde
Raviraj Hegde
Vice President, Growth

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