Built to Impress: 7 Retail Business Blogs That You Should Know


Are you looking for tips on how to run your business? Bring in more customers?  Increase your profits? Or maybe you’re looking for advice on how to start a retail business?

You’re in luck!

We at EMERGE App scoured the web for the most helpful retail business blogs for small businesses and put together the list below of the 7 retail business blogs that you should follow.

1. Retail Minded

Retail Minded is a great blog for small and independent businesses, complete with a free resource guide that comes highly recommended.

They offer bite-sized articles with useful information on how to navigate the business world as a small fish in a big ocean.

2. Bplans


Bplans, like its name suggests, focuses heavily on the business fundamentals.

If you are just getting started, Bplans has some offline marketing tips for startups that would be great to read.

If you are a little further along in the process, Bplans has some tips to maintain/cultivate a strong company culture in the midst of your business growth.

Regardless of where you are in the startup process, the Bplans Blog has the info you need to succeed.

3. Shopkeep


Shopkeep is a POS company but also runs an active blog that contains essential information for small offline businesses looking to delve into the retail industry with quick tips and important how-tos.

You’ll find yourself constantly referring to the articles that they write, cause they do know their stuff!

4. Vend


Vend’s blog covers a wide range of topics from their success stories to important trends emerging in retail and inventory management.

One of the cool features we love on the Vend Retail Blog is their “Vender of the Week”, in which they interview an individual retailer and dig into the specifics of their niche, what they’re doing in the marketplace, and their take on the business.

5. The Global Small Business Blog


One of the best blogs we’ve read out there. The Global Small Business Blog (that’s quite a mouthful!) takes on a global focus to the SMB industry.

As such, you’ll find a lot of topics are quite independent of any one country. But rather, it focuses on global trends affecting small businesses all around the world.

Globalization is already here, and we’re in for the ride!

6. Snap Retail

SnapRetail is all about online marketing tactics and tips that can boost your bottom line.

That includes how-to guides like their article on “How to Sell on Facebook”. And in-depth looks at questions such as how much to charge customers for shipping.

If you want to elevate your eCommerce business, this is a key blog to follow. Elegantly designed, we are definitely digging this look.

7. Medallion Retail


This covers all the way from the top ‘big picture’ topics like the ‘retail renaissance’ to the nitty gritty details such as shopping bags and retail displays. Medallion Retail is stocked with fresh takes on new developments and opportunities in the retail industry.

However, navigating within the blog can be a little confusing at first. This is probably more a design flaw than anything else.


The retail industry is immense and varied. There are many ways to approach issues and problems that small and medium-sized businesses face in retail. Hope you liked the list we curated for you 🙂 Please share it with your fellow business owners!