10 Best Small Business Blogs to Follow

Do you like to keep yourself updated with latest business trends? I sure do!

Always hunting for tips on how to run your business efficiently?

Bring in more customers?

Make more revenues?

Or you’re looking for advice on how to start a business?

If the answer to any of the above question is yes, then you should check out these best small business blogs.

I won’t take long, here you go.

Best Small Business Blogs to follow

1. Small Biz Trends 

Small Biz Trends - Best Small Business BlogThis small business blog has hundreds of archives about small business trends and problems.

If you’re an entrepreneur, small businessman, or thinking of starting a business, this blog is surely going to help in many ways.

It was founded in 2003 by Anita Campbell, and since then, it is only growing.

You can find the latest news, expert talks, and blogs about small business related topics. It is the most popular independent publication on the internet on small business. 

This blog has won a number of awards and continuously serving many starters with their guidance.

2. BPlans Blog

BPlans Blog

The blog is owned by a software company named as Palo Alto Software, Incthe company started in 1996 and created the blog in later years.

They concentrate entirely on making your business a reality, and various strategies which could make your business grow.

They make you believe in yourself and successfully bring out the best in you. There are only a few small business blogs that really work when you start using them, this is one of them.

3. Gene Marks

Genemarks - Small Business Journalists

Owned by Gene Marks, who is a small businessman, the blog talks about minor details that most of the small businessmen miss while doing their work.

He concentrates on building an empire in an efficient way. His personal blog is fun to read, and you can learn a lot of things about business in very less time.

His words are pure wisdom, he gained from years of work. He writes every day on the Washington Post and weekly for famous names: ForbesInc Magazine, Entrepreneur and the Huffington Post.

4. AllBusiness


All business is about online resources, tools, advice and articles you need about small business at one stop.

It is one of the biggest small business blogs and recognized by several big names, mainly, The Wall Street JournalForbesFortune and The New York Times.

The blog provides enough information for getting started and managing the things.

They have set of experts on every aspect of small business and solve the problems really well. You can read the daily news, whereabouts, trends, and journals right away.

This is a must read blog for every small business owner.

5. Smart Hustle

SmartHustle - Business Blog

It is a free digital small business magazine specially designed for the challenges, hustle and problems one faces in setting and managing a business.

They target particular problem and then tell you various aspects and solutions about it. This magazine is definitely a success in small business.

They teach you that business problems can be solved by creativity, innovating continuously, and perseverance.

You should definitely subscribe to their magazine because it is going to be your problem solver.

6. Microsoft Small & Medium Business Blog

Microsoft Small Business Blog

Microsoft doesn’t need any introduction, but their business blogs surely do.

Microsoft has been concentrating on small businesses from the start because they know the importance of them. They offer many articles on the daily aspects of a business.

They also provide products and recommendations for you.

This makes Microsoft blogs a perfect partner for starting a business. They have the world. They provide some exceptionally well-created articles that could help you to fetch the consumers.

Microsft focuses on targeted marketing, which is one thing you could learn from them.

7. Side Hustle Nation

SideHustleNation - SMB blog

This blog purely focuses on hustling and how you can create revenue and pay debts.

It is managed by Nick Loper, a famous online entrepreneur, and TEDx speaker.

The way he portrays different viewpoints to the same problem is really magnificent. You can follow him and see yourself the viewpoint he carries towards managing a small business.

His articles are focused on becoming a unique businessman and having an approach that could make you more productive.

If you want to learn about small business with productive point view, this blog is a must read.

8. Evergreen Small Business

This blog primarily focuses on the money and assets section of the business.

If you have problems in managing money, assets, cash flow, capital, and investment, then you must consider following this blog.

The main writer of this blog is Stephen L. Nelson, which is an expert on the economic side of the business.

If you have questions on taxation and other things, evergreen has all your answers.

This blog is one of the top business blogs and surely live up to the expectations. There is a lot of things this blog has to offer for learning.

9. CorpNet.com Blog

One of the most famous and influential blog on the internet.the primary writer of the blog is Nellie Akalp.

It particularly focuses on the deep knowledge of every subject you need while running a business. The content on the blog is very informational and does provide the necessary motivation you need.

This blog tells you pros and cons of every step in a small business and also put light on the management section. This blog will surely lead you in the way of business success.

10. Harvard Business Review

Managed by best business minds currently present in the world, this blog should definitely be on your read list.

The blog focusses on the strategies you can opt to maximize profits and other various aspects. You can learn about part-time business, and how you can devote your time.

They strictly want you to maintain balance in work and personal life.

The articles they have are world class quality and tell you insights of various business models. The blog has everything that makes it a perfect for a starter and tells so much about why Harvard is considered as the best institute for business studies.


These are different blogs on small business and everyone of them is unique and focusses on various things.

You must read all of the above-mentioned blogs to ensure the success of your business.

They not only give you insights of a business, but also advice you through various problems which are common with many people.

The purpose of a business blog is to help you on every point of your business and provide you the information you need.

Considering this, they all do pretty well in giving so much to learn.