EMERGE App is Ready for GST – Multi Tax Feature for Indian Businesses

Is India GST Ready?

Fresh out of the oven and just in time for the new GST. EMERGE App’s new multi-tax feature was specially built and launched for the Indian market.

Typically, most ERP or inventory management systems support only one tax for one product line item in a quotation, sales order or purchase order.

However, this will not work for Indian businesses as more than one tax often needs to be applied to a single product.

Here’s how you can set up your taxes and apply them to the product line items in EMERGE App:

1. Click on Company Settings, General Setup and then Tax Code.

2. Enter the tax name and tax percentage, and click Create New to save it.

3. Go ahead and create a quotation, sales order or purchase order.


4. Add a product and then add multiple taxes by clicking on Add Tax.

5. A breakdown of taxes applied will appear in the PDF generated and in reports.

And bingo!

You’re done.

EMERGE App will manage your taxes, leaving you to enjoy your cuppa in the afternoon.

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