List of Top Chemical B2B Marketplaces

You can do business transactions on marketplaces, buy and sell different merchandise both in great quality and quantity.

These chemcial b2b marketplaces have every type of products, ranging from catering to chemicals.

You can buy chemicals online for your industrial and manufacturing businesses.

Dedicated marketplace just to chemicals are not many in number, but despite less in number, they’re definitely a good place to buy chemicals.

These marketplaces are designed especially for selling and buying chemicals and plastics.

If you’re a seller, you can also list your products there and buyers can inquire the producers about products. Let’s have a look on these marketplaces.

Chemical B2B Marketplaces:


Buyersguidechem is a huge marketplace dedicated to selling and buying chemicals of all ranges, plastics, and synthetics.

The marketplace has a chemical index search, which is the best available in any marketplace.

You can look for some rare chemicals, order large quantities, and safely carry out the business transactions.

The marketplace is online since 1996, and ever since, is living up to its reputation.


It is one of the biggest directories of chemicals, having sellers from all over the world.

It is a China-based marketplace, but you can explore chemicals from all over the world.

You can find chemical equipment along with industrial chemical products. The website has clean and simple search index, you can look easily for seller near you.


An international B2B marketplace, well known for the widespread list of sellers and buyers.

The website carries out a large number of business transactions related to chemicals.

You can find every type of product, from plastics, equipment, safety equipment, everything related to the chemical industry.

A big platform for all your needs.


This marketplace is for serious business, professionals, and regular buyers.

You can search through the directory, and find a number of searches because the directly is one of the huge available.

The website is simple, interactive, yet detailed. Searching a particular product is easy, and you can easily filter your choices.

A must visit the website for a chemical professional.


The website offers you latest companies, events and much more related to chemicals, synthetics, and plastics.

If you’re in a business of chemicals, this is the website you should definitely visit.

It has country wise directories, chemical companies and products. You can jump to websites of these companies and buy chemicals there.


Rated as best chemical B2B marketplaces by buyers and sellers, this website has products, buyers, and sellers listed from every part of the world.

You can also buy equipment, engineering products, and chemicals. You have to become a registered member, and provide some additional information for safety. The website is secure, and you can do business transactions without any fear.


World’s best professionals lined up, selling chemicals, from best of chemical producing companies.

The portal is well structured, and index search is good. You can find chemicals and other synthetic products without any problem.

A directory you should visit if you want some good quality chemicals and price is not a concern


These marketplaces are best chemical B2B marketplaces available on the internet right now.

If you’re in the chemical business, you must visit and register on these websites, and see your business grow.

The websites are definitely going to help in your chemical business to get stable. The best part is you can enquire about products from the producer and have a word with him. 

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