3 Ways Your Fear of using Software is Crippling Your Business

Trading and distribution businesses

Trading and distribution businesses have been the cornerstone of capitalism since ages.

It hasn’t changed much over the last two millennia, but new technologies are quickly gaining popularity and fundamentally changing how people trade and distribute goods.

Over here at EMERGE App, we would like to share some common reasons that are holding entrepreneurs from stepping into the 21st century equipped with software.

The fear of change

The goal of every business owner is to increase profits by running the business efficiently.

However, the methods that they are using are more often than not the culprit that’s preventing them from achieving that goal.

Some businesses are afraid of change because of the uncertainty it brings. “Better to stick with my current inefficiencies rather than turn everything upside down,” they think.

In addition, bosses worry about the high costs of software implementation and fear of their employees not being able to learn and use the new systems.

These stumbling blocks will make even the most tech-savvy business think twice about changing over to a new software.

Therefore, the most important criteria would be simplicity and laymen friendly. During this phase, costs should be kept to a minimum whereas another important quality would be to have support readily available for any questions.

Software is seen as an unnecessary change

As the trading and distribution industry hasn’t seen drastic change over the years, businesses can be entrenched in workflows and systems that have been used for the last 200 years without much of the changes.

Existing technologies such as business software, intelligence tools and e-commerce trading have invented a whole different area for trading and distribution businesses to do things more efficiently.

Businesses who have made the change are now expanding quickly to many countries and are leading the pack in terms of revenue and profits.

Interestingly, at those businesses you’ll often find that younger employees make up the team, and are definitely more versatile and adaptive to new technologies and changes that can make their lives easier.

At the end of the day, the need to change will come from your team, as they are the ones that will drive the company to greater efficiencies and higher revenue.

Discuss with your teams to identify the inefficiencies in your company, and then work hard to change it. Believe us when we say that happy employees equal to a happy company!

Software should fit your needs, not other way round

No two businesses are the same.

Different teams, different philosophies make up the heart and soul of the business, and hence different qualities of products and services are everywhere to be found.

This means that the needs of every business are different, and you have to find a method or software that suits your company and workflow.

The best solution is customisation, as the software can be tailored exactly to how your company works. However, customisation is a luxury that many companies cannot afford.

The next best solution would be to use a software such as EMERGE App or similar that can integrate to your working style, rather than the other way round.

For subscription-based business software, be on the lookout for hidden costs such as add-on support fees or unidentified integration fees.

We hope that as trading and distribution merchants better understand how to utilise technology, better products can be available at lower costs to help businesses trade in the new century.

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