Product First, Marketing Second

A good product often is the lifeline of many startups and represents the collective dreams of the team.

EMERGE App is our solution to a major headache that trading and distribution companies.  More avenues have opened up for consumers and companies to interact.

We want to be the problem solvers for these merchants, as we believe having a healthy and sizeable SME industry is beneficial for the global economy.

From the team, and from our users who rave about our product, here are 3 reasons why we have chosen to embark on a ‘product-first’ philosophy.

Our history and how we came to build EMERGE

Back in 2010, EMERGE App first started out as an idea to solve a fashion and apparel company’s inventory management woes.

There was no off-the-shelf solution, and customised software often cost more than was justified to a small company.

We decided to build EMERGE precisely for Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) that are in need of a workflow and inventory management system to compete with the big boys and level the playing field.

Over 3 years, we worked hard and build our software from scratch, taking on customised projects ourselves and listening to our user base to make EMERGE the current beauty that she is.

With such love and high hopes from the community, this has validated our belief in building the best product we can for the small business to punch well above its weight.

Our users demand a high standard and complex operations

Since EMERGE was built using our own funds earned through actually implementing customised solutions on the ground, we know what our users need.

Being a former trading and distribution company also gives us a unique perspective to understand our user’s pain points and to solve them way in advance.

We’ve designed EMERGE to perform at a high standard, with a full suite of capabilities for complex operations yet friendly enough to approach and master.

We understand that every business is different, and our job is to make your lives easier by solving unnecessary workflow issues, and optimising your time so that you can focus on the important things: serving YOUR customers.

We want to aim for both offline and online space, so we’re gunning for a larger space than everyone else

EMERGE works for both offline and online businesses because no business can afford to ignore the power and change that an interconnected world brings.

If you are a brick and mortar business, it’s time to up your game with EMERGE, and explore the online platforms without worries about the offline aspect.

If you are an online e-commerce business, EMERGE offers your solutions to manage your warehouses,

Serving both offline and online customers allows us much greater flexibility other than our competitors, and also gives our users to take their businesses in much more diverse ways.

Strong commitment:

We are excited to see what our merchants can do with EMERGE supporting you to dream big.

We understand that since we’ve begun EMERGE, many competitors have also offered similar solutions. However, many have often been unable to deliver on the high expectations that small businesses demand.

For a small business, each sale often can be life or death.

Here at EMERGE, trust us as business owners that EMERGE has fulfilled and even surpassed our initial visions for the software that we created.

Come try us today, and understand why EMERGE App is the solution you’ve always been looking for.

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