We Want to Delete Spreadsheets for Wholesale & Trading Companies

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Estimated 95% of product wholesale & trading company globally are using spreadsheets, hard copy paperwork & memory (yes, memory) to manage their orders, inventory & billings.

This process is extremely unproductive and especially if the team is small. These man-hours instead should be focused on sales related activities to grow the business.

EMERGE App thinks that all companies in wholesale, trading and eCommerce sales of product should engage cloud software to optimise their business.

Earlier adopting an ERP as business solution would cost over $5000.

Today, many cloud solutions are free or below $50/month and businesses should be using to increase productivity. Business is very competitive these day, you will need every leverage possible to survive & thrive.

Business is about making profits. Many business owners focus on driving sales but forgot about managing the business effectively.

Massive amount of money is loss through inefficiencies like manually generating sales orders, invoices & managing inventories.

This can be easily avoided by adopting EMERGE App into your business.

It is an easy to use order, inventory & simple accounting cloud system that has proven to massively decrease inefficiencies & drive higher profits.

Here is how EMERGE helps wholesale & trading company

Simple to use, yet powerful

We focus on maintaining simplicity for ease of use, and to deliver a seamless user experience. EMERGE can be easily implemented into your work process function.

Increase Productivity, Boost Profits

EMERGE helps employees to stay organised, so that errors and oversights are kept to a minimum. It allows the business to thrive through increased productivity, giving the company a boost in profits.

Assist in easing labor shortage challenges

Acquiring talented employees is a challenge in today’s fast-changing business landscape. Sidestep labour shortage challenges by maximizing the potential of your employees.

Empower them to work smarter, and faster with EMERGE.

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