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Using EMERGE to streamline your workflow process.

Need to manage your orders, raw materials and purchases from your supplier? No worries, we got your back.

Say a big NO to messy inventories robbing your profits & let EMERGE be your daily pal.

Skyrocket your growth today!

Sell Both Offline & Online

Manage your orders from multiple fronts in a single location.

We’re integrated with e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and your private b2b wholesale customers


Manage Your Raw Materials & Final Products

Allocate the relationship between your raw materials & final product.

With this, you can estimate the quantity of final products you can sell based on your existing raw materials & vice visa.

Gone are the days of messing up your orders!


Manage Your Shipment with Ease

Pick, pack & manage your shipment for every order.

Ship partially or completely and manage returns and exchanges seamlessly.

A one stop destination for your business!


We got your back 24/7

Access the app anywhere, anytime on your browser.

We provide a wide range of support channels to suit your business requirements.

Run your business on the go.

We Build Strong Relationships With Our Users

With future initiatives, EMERGE is building and growing a community that provides massive value to you. You are not just a number because your growth matters.

Users from 5 out of 7 continents

Universal workflow with flexible settings for your country

60% are traditional brick & mortar businesses

Most users are operating traditional businesses and many with the intention of selling through e-commerce

Products worth millions

Thousands of products worth millions in value are added every few days

james Love For Jewelry
James Bard, MD (Love for Jewellery)
"Our business grew 200% in 8 months after implementing Emerge."

I’m in the business of selling jewelry. I have various sales channels, both offline and online through Shopify. EMERGE App has been an integral part of my daily operation workflow, as its partial and consolidated delivery and payments systems is exactly what my business needs to effectively stay on top of things.

Like all software solutions, EMERGE App has its pros and cons. One such con is that the software does require a learning curve, but once I’ve mastered it, the system catered to my every possible need. I trust EMERGE App because the team that created this software has prior trading experience, and knows exactly what us traders and distributors need.

Being a software product, the support team has been fantastic in answering my queries and going the extra mile for me. Maybe that’s because i’m one of the early adopters, but definitely no complaints there.

Kudos to EMERGE App for creating such a comprehensive inventory management solution that is long overdue in our industry, and I’m looking forward to the new developments the team has for the near future.