Retargeting for eCommerce Business Success

eCommerce retargeting


The Internet has really cut all the boundaries and limits to reach millions of people. And it helps them to connect with each other.

Retargeting consumers is a great way to cover up your lost sales and increase the brand value overall.

It has a great benefit of influencing the consumers into buying the product, and showing them that you care.

To understand the concept of retargeting, we should first look at the reasons as to why we should retarget consumers.

Why should we retarget?

Digital marketing is taking a new turn, now we see different ways to reach consumers and influence their minds.

There are ways like SMS advertising, Emails, and reminders on the apps and whatnot. You can reach consumers social media accounts by various targeting ads.

The real reason why retargeting should be done is because consumers needs to be reminded that they’re missing the product they wanted to buy.

Some of the consumers left the product on the pay-out page for various reasons, retargeting helps you to gain that sale.

If you show that you care about consumers, they’re definitely going to give you their business.

You have to give them a good experience to make them feel the need to come back to you and that’s the primary reason for retargeting.

How can you retarget?

You can reach your consumers for retargeting by keeping the records of their recent visit to your eCommerce store.

You can track the last product they visited and didn’t go for the transaction.

The statistics show that only 2% of the new visits convert into a transaction, rest 98% left the website after viewing products.

Retargeting helps in getting back the 98%.

It works on a simple principle. A potential consumer visits your website, he sees the products and leaves the page.

Now with stored cookies and data collected from the visit, you retarget that customer by advertisements on other websites while he’s surfing the internet.

The ads catch the attention and influence him into clicking your website. He converts into a happy customer after that.

Since the idea revolves around tracking data from every visit, it takes lots of tools to retarget. You can save your efforts by going to an advertisement company because they know exactly how to retarget consumers.

Due to innovation and constant development in advertisement through the internet, retargeting has become a big thing for eCommerce websites, and everybody is trying to woo their customers by that.

It has started a revolution for caring and getting back the consumers.

This is a win situation for consumers as eCommerce stores are trying hard to get their businesses. The consumer is the winner in a situation like these.

Benefits of Retargeting for eCommerce

Retargeting has lots of benefits, both direct and indirect.

Every benefit narrow down ultimately to gain consumers and increase sales.

These benefits would convince you to invest or retargeting ads, and you should do it also. It is the need of the hour for eCommerce stores, and slowly they’re realizing that.

If not, let’s look at the benefits.

1. Win your customer back

The primary benefit of retargeting is that the consumer buys the product, Period.

If you show them a way to get back at the product they desperately wanted to, but somehow forgot or couldn’t manage to, then you might as well get their sales for putting that kind of effort.

Your consumer is always going to surf the internet, so there is a huge chance of having an encounter to your ads that would push them back to the product page.

Retargeting helps in getting back the customer and increasing the sales.

You win the customer and profit from them, eventually getting the return you put into the investment.

2. You care for your Customers

Consumers need pampering, not literally, but if you advertise the last product they visited continuously while they surf the internet, they surely going to think that you want them to buy the product.

Consumers’ minds are not complex, if you start showing them care, you can win their business.

Retargeting is a great way to let consumers know that you care about them. Ads and email targeting show efforts put in to increase your sales.

That is going to give tremendous results if you do it right.

Retargeting can get you consumers and influence their minds to think that they need the product.

3. Increase your Reputation

You can build a reputation by various ways, but the one way that beats all the others is making the consumer the center point of your eCommerce store.

Retargeting helps in gaining trust and reputation in your brands, as the consumer will know that you can influence them, care about them and sell good products.

If you have a good eCommerce store, and retargeting consumers, they are going to know that you’re bound to your business, hard-working and credible.

Reputation is created by being with the consumer till they buy a product, and solving the problems if arises.

As far as being with the consumer part is concerned, that’s what retargeting is all about.

4. Attract more Honest Customers

Statistics shows that if a potential consumer is redirected to the product page by retargeting, then it is more likely for him to turn into an honest customer, than the one that visits the website for the first time.

Because the retargeted customer already knows what he’s going to buy, and once done business, is more likely to come back on its own, or by again retargeting.

See it is the loop of a consumer visiting the sight, getting off, reminded by retargeting, buying a product, visiting again, and the process goes on.

5. It is creative and Conversion Rate is High

Retargeting emerged as a creative way of marketing. It’s the marketing to the people who already know the product, but need a little push to buy the product.

Apparently, converting a half convinced person is easy as compared to a person who doesn’t even know the product.

So basically, retargeting only targets the person that are likely to convert, making the conversion rate higher than any of the marketing campaigns you can do.

To have the same conversion rate, retargeting requires fewer efforts which makes it creative and equally innovative.

Conclusion: Retargeting is new way of marketing

Considering the benefits and impact on consumers’ mind retargeting has, it is surely the new way digital marketing should do things to make consumers buy products.

It is now a well-established fact that retargeting does increase the reputation and conversions.

For an eCommerce store, a marketing strategy that does both is icing on the cake.

If you’re an eCommerce store owner, you should go now and opt for retargeting, because currently this thing surely has a huge and long-time effect on the conversions and consumer base.