10 Best eCommerce Blogs Every Seller Should Follow!

There are probably a hundred essential things you need to know while running a successful eCommerce business. You have to stay updated with latest trends, information, and ways to solve problems.

A blog can help you in many ways. Some insightful articles can be applied to your business right away. But there were so many contenders for making up this list. And only few could meet the criteria we choose for their selection.

We considered experts, professionals, content, engagement, writers, and readers as major factors. In essence, these eCommerce blogs are surely going to help you manage your business better.

Best eCommerce Blogs You Must Visit

1. Shopify – #1 eCommerce Blog

Shopify is a leading eCommerce store builder, but that’s not the only thing they do.

Shopify blog - #1 eCommerce blog

They contribute awesome articles on eCommerce trends almost every week. Their blog offers a constructive and infomercial viewpoint on various aspects of eCommerce.

As expected, they have one of the best writers and professionals that continuously make effort to reach readers and discuss various problems. And the layout is well structured and topics are easy to find.

Indeed, the Shopify blog covers every topic under the sun. It could be marketing, order fulfillment, inventory management, search optimization, and sales conversion optimization. It’s like a one stop destination for eCommerce entrepreneurs!

In our opinion, this blog is the best currently you can read on eCommerce.

2. Practical eCommerce

Many of the new eCommerce retailers find themselves in a situation where they need to find a way out.

Practical eCommerce - best eCommerce blogs

Practical eCommerce’s blog deals with all the practical problems you may face or should avoid. Not only blogs, they have podcasts which can be very helpful.

Undoubtedly, they have a good set of writers and editors. The main publisher of the blog is Kerry Murdock, a much known former newspaper publisher.

Above all, their posts are engaging, and they hit the topics which are essential for the growth. Few blogs deal with the practical side of eCommerce, and this blog surely hit the mark in the niche.

3. eCommerce Fuel

The eCommerceFuel blog drops some serious knowledge bombs by forum members.

eCommerce Fuel - Best Forum you can find

You can learn tips and tricks fast, and apply to have an immediate increase in the sales. If you’re a serious hard worker and need some knowledge from experienced people, then you must join this blog right now.  They really fuel your eCommerce website with actionable blog posts.

Personally, this blog is way ahead of any eCommerce blog on the internet right now if we consider the detailed knowledge as a parameter to judge.

In addition, they also have podcasts, which can help you gain viewpoints on various topics. Overall, this blog is a complete package of everything you need in an eCommerce blog.

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4. Ecommerce Platforms

Ecommerce Platforms has every vital information you need to have regarding every eCommerce platform available on the Internet. The blog is all about setting up an eCommerce on a better platform. They compare different platforms using their ratings and opinions board.

eCommerce platforms

So, if you are starting your eCommerce career you should visit this blog for sure. They have perfect articles lined up so that you can decide which platform is better based on your needs.

You can review various platforms, and that’s the best thing about this blog. However, it lacks other topics you need to cover in eCommerce retailing.

Above all, the primary focus of the blog is eCommerce platforms. And if that’s what you need, then this is a pretty good blog to follow.

5. Nerd Marketing

Marketing is an important influencing factor on the sales when it comes to commerce retailing. Hence, Nerd Marketing blog deals with every innovative way you can apply to increase your sales.

NERD marketing - eCommerce Tips

You can read on various topics that directly relate to marketing, and gain maximum knowledge as to how effectively you can market your product.

As expected, they cover a lot about social media marketing strategies. So, if you need to game up your marketing on social media, you should definitely read their articles.

And they write articles on various marketing and analytical tools, and SEO, which could help in making your website reachable to potential customers.

Nerd marketing is a must read the blog for increasing your marketing skills. It is that good!

I personally go through Nerd marketing on a weekly basis.

6. Get Elastic – #1 Subscribed Ecommerce blog

Get Elastic is not your regular eCommerce blog. Rather, it’s a profound blog that deals with not only eCommerce retailing but its various aspects like marketing, social media, web design, mobile, SEO, and so on.


Also, the one thing that makes it unique from other blogs is the simplicity of the website and detailed articles on every topic. The blog is a #1 subscribed eCommerce blog because of the unmatchable quality of the content they publish.

Incredibly, this blog was featured in Wall Street Journal’s list of 15 must-read blogs for every entrepreneur.

In summary, this eCommerce blog is definitely going to help you way better than you can even imagine.

7. Hubspot eCommerce Blog

HubSpot is a very well established blog among various eCommerce owners. It primarily focuses on sales and marketing.

hubspot eCommerce blog

If you have any concerns regarding sales and marketing, you should definitely check it out. Their articles are detailed and provide exact information you need on the topic.

The content of this blog is excellent and that makes it stand out apart from other blogs. Their writers are truly experienced and know how to see a topic from readers’ point of view. Only a few blogs get successful in connecting to the reader and this blog is definitely one.

Without a doubt, marketing and sales are two pillars of success in an eCommerce retailing. So, if you master the art of reaching people and managing sales, then it is all figured out for you.

8. EMERGE App – eCommerce blog

There are few blogs that really hit the right topic and content on eCommerce. And EMERGE App‘s blog is an example.

However, the blog is in developing phase, but that doesn’t mean the published content is also. It has influencing published content and ways which can increase your sales on your eCommerce website.

If you’re a beginner, then this is a blog you must check out. Their target readers are entrepreneurs starting out in their first wholesale, distribution or import/export business.

9. Internet Retailer

Internet RETAILER’S blog has everything you need to know about Internet retailing and the factors that can influence it.

Internet Retailer - eCommerce blog

You can check the blog right away and get engage in the discussions on the topics. The blog is very well designed and they talk about recent trends on eCommerce. For example, their latest post is how a new President will affect eCommerce.

In summary, they try to articulate every topic on the internet related to eCommerce. And so far, they succeeded as a strong blog to follow.

Update: Internet Retailer is now part of the digitalcommerce360 brand. 

10. Got Groove

Groove’s blog is all about eCommerce and how to build a working store that gives you profits.

gotgroove eCommerce blog

If you need deep knowledge about the inside working of an eCommerce website, then you must hit this blog. You can find articles about design and various aspects.

In particular, they focus on converting potential customers through influential marketing techniques.

Going the Extra Mile?

Lastly, if you are like me, do you want to go an extra mile? Here are more interesting articles for you:


eCommerce blogs can be a great source of information when you are starting a business or entering a new market. If you’re just starting with eCommerce, these are just some of the best blogs around. Give them a try. You never know what actionable tip and trick you might find for your online business!