Top B2B Marketplaces and Directories in the Middle East

Best B2b Marketplaces in Middle East (1)

Middle East is an emerging B2B marketplace because of the infrastructure capabilities it has.

Marketplaces in the middle east aren’t limited to synthetic, plastic and chemicals, because of the oil, but you can expect a vast range of products on the marketplaces.

Middle East countries are UAE, Turkey, Kuwait, Iran, Egypt, Qatar, Israel and neighbor countries.

You can see that these countries have good infrastructure, and ability to do transactions fairly in B2B marketplaces.

There are lots of products which are exclusive to these countries only.

Let’s have a look on marketplaces middle east has to offer.

Middle East B2B Directories

Gulf Business

The only B2B marketplace that we can say is truly middle-east based.

The website has a number of products listed, exclusive in middle-east, which you can order to any part of the world.

The marketplace has a detailed layout and delivers a great indexed search of products.

Urgent requirements of products are shown on the homepage. You should definitely try this website out if want serious business from middle-east.

The Desert

It is the first middle-east B2B marketplace on the internet. The website opened gates for trading in middle-east to rest of the world. The website is loaded with products, companies, sellers and buyers. Being the oldest, this website has the huge advantage of reputation, trust, and credibility. It has detailed layout, presenting maximum information at the homepage. This is a favorite B2B marketplace in middle-east, and definitely going to yours also.

Dubai Traders online

The website is dedicated to UAE but considered a good middle-east B2B marketplace. The products listed here are of great quality, and you can easily go for business transactions due to the website user-friendly layout. If you’re planning your business transactions particularly in Dubai, then you should definitely go for this website.


It is the first Middle East and Europe dedicated B2B marketplace, expanding reach to other Europe countries. If you want to expand your business or involve Europe in your middle-east business transactions, you should definitely click the website link.

Conclusion – Middle East B2B Websites:

These websites are exclusive in the middle east and other neighbor parts.

These websites are trusted and tested by various members and traders. We received positive feedbacks and included them into our list.

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