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Our Store Management System is easy to use, quick to set up & perfectly balanced for offline & online.

Multi Channel Integration

Perfectly balanced for offline & online sales. Integrated with the most popular eCommerce platforms

Real Time Updations

Unify real time updates to gain deeper insights into product and channel performance, maximize profitability

Zero Training Required

Get off to a flying start with our intuitive user onboarding. Start using EMERGE App in 30 minutes or less

Improve Productivity & Efficiency

Automatically integrate and centralize processes to eliminate redundant tasks, reduce manual errors & increase productivity.

Products & Costing

  • All your product information in a single location
  • Create your product catalogue and set your selling price range
  • Create tier pricing & customer’s price list Inventory location & batches
  • Categorize product by brands and categories
  • Create multiple unit of measurements
  • View previous purchase price
  • Upload product image
store management software - product costing

Real Time Reports

  • Real time sales reporting in base currencies
  • Filter sales by salesman, products, suppliers & more
  • Real time inventory listing & valuation
  • Browse inventory movement in details
  • Know your purchases with real time purchase report

Inventory Monitoring

  • Perpetual inventory management – immediate & continuously update of available & physical inventory with every sales order, purchase order, inventory receive & shipment
  • Automatic updating of actual and physical inventory
  • Track both actual and physical warehouse stocks
  • Easily manage inventory adjustment or warehouse/section transfer
  • Monitor inventory valuation
  • All Inventory movement tracked
store management system - inventory monitoring

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