How to Design Wholesale Order Form [Templated Included] [2020 Updated]

Wholesale Order Form Template

One of the best ways to display professionalism at your business is by having an elegant order form.

We have been helping wholesalers and distributors for about 6 years with the order management, so you can assume we know what we are presenting here.

Today you are gonna learn how to generate an elegant wholesale order form for your business.

Before we proceed to generation, let us understand some basics.

What is an Order Form?

Order forms are the simple document used to collect the details of the orders. Typically used by wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers.

Ideally, consists of one page and consists of all the information related to the particular order.

Let us take a look at a typical wholesale order form.

Wholesale Order Form Example

Wholesale Order Form Template - Example

Checklist for Designing Wholesale Order Form:

Entities are involved in an order form

  • Your logo
  • Your company contact information
  • Date of order
  • Purchase order number (if supplied by the buyer)
  • Store name
  • Buyer’s name
  • Buyer’s email + phone number
  • Delivery address
  • Billing address (if different)
  • Estimated ship date
  • Resale or tax ID #
  • Payment method
  • Invoice total
  • Order notes
  • Buyer signature

For each product: 

The entities you have to include for each product would be these.

  • Item number
  • Product name
  • Wholesale price (each)
  • Quantity
  • Available variants (size, color, fragrance, flavor, etc.)

Best Practices for Creating a Wholesale Order Form Template:

  1. Branding
    1. Please add your company logo at the top of the order form.
    2. Use same fonts across the order forms.
  2. Use proper font size, so that the customers can read the order form.
  3. Logically organize the elements: Group like items together, provide “total” boxes, collect all the buyer information in a single area.
  4. Note down both the shipping and billing addresses (if they are different).

Downloadable Wholesale Order Form Template:

  1. Google Doc – Template 1
  2. Google Doc – Template 2

Hope you liked the order form templates, let us know if you would like us to prepare more resources for you wholesalers and distributors.

PS: We have developed wholesalers terms and conditions template if you want to explore more.

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