How to Stand Out at a Trade Show with Great Booth Designs

How to Stand Out at a Trade show


A Trade Show aka Trade Expo is a tried-and-true platform where companies of similar industry market their products and services. These shows are mainly for small businesses to analyze the current trends in the market, and keep a check on their competitors!

Some trade shows are accessible to the public, thus small business owners have a perfect junction to attract retailers and target customers. Small businesses leave no stone unturned to impress the crowd. The primary purpose is the design of the booth and the steps which need to be taken.

How to Stand Out at a Trade Show

This article will be of immense use to wholesalers who are looking forward to engaging in a trade show as it highlights the influential points for an impressive showcase of products.

1. Don’t be Canny in Design of Booth, Pennywise

A famous saying affirms that “You need to spend money to earn more money.” The cost involved is definitely a major factor in booth design but when the platform is extravagant, do not shy away to go full-throttle in your efforts!

In a trade show, the stakes are too high to compromise the influence your booth has on the public and retailers who are looking for genuine products. To make them feel so it takes an eye-catching booth and the capital to put on a mesmerizing show. Try to use wood to construct the booth, as it makes the booth look more real and lasting.

Also, try to engage one giant trade show over several average shows. Thus, you need to carefully choose the appropriate show as to spot the relevant crowd.

2. Use an Arresting & Precise Tagline to Announce your Theme Loud & Clear

The tagline which is displayed on your booth is the gist of the whole business and the services that you are offering. The company’s name in the tagline is not essential but the message of the business should be transparent and must be presented in such a way to turn eyes towards the booth. The tagline should also be easily comprehensible.

Technical aspects like using an apt font style for the motto and suitable height of the booth are also important elements in designing a booth which is eye-pleasing and leaves a long-lasting impression, too.

3. Put up a Unique Center of Attraction

This trick works like a cheat-code; the crowd gathers around the main attraction and ends up knowing about your business if you follow the steps with subtlety. Creative marketing is involved in the process, the public should be curious about that fascinating object.

stand out in a tradeshow

For example, in my college, there was a promotional event by Volkswagen. They brought in an F1 race car at the site of the promotion. All the students went wild to click a few pictures with it, and most importantly, they shared their experience on social media.

It is this kind of experience that people tend to remember for a long time and, thus with the help of a memorable event, a long lasting impact is created.

4. Technology Plays a Vital Role

The use of digital graphics to make your trade booth look different from your competitors is a great trick. Put on a slideshow displaying the facilities your company provides, positive customer reviews, advertisements of the new product launched, etc. to magnetize the crowd.

Using Technology - How to stand out at a tradeshow

Give customers a reason to visit your booth and answer their needs. Provide free Wi-Fi and charging ports for their smartphones. While they charge their phones, ply them with company brochures containing QR codes which directly link to the company website with interesting offers.

5. Use Fascinating Images & Color Combinations

Proper display of pictures which reflect the company’s motto and that do not take too much space is an asset to your booth. They invite customers to have a closer look at your booth and thus your products. Images used should not only be luring but also suitable for the cause. It should attracs only the crowd who are actually interested in your services.

Eye-pleasing colour combinations are the key to make your products look prominent. The background contrast should be considered while designing the booth according to the products to be displayed. Do not go for extremely vibrant backgrounds which overshadow the charm of your product.

6. Adequate Handling of Space & Proper Lighting

In trade shows the space provided for the booth is very nominal to the wholesalers who are setting foot in the industry. Yet, if the given space is properly utilized, it can leave an impact on the crowd. Technically, 40% of your booth space should be empty. Thus, the crucial thing is to advertise your products as well as make the booth seem comfortable enough to invite customers.

tradeshows tips

A decently lit booth conveys an illusion of spacious area and the products also look appealing. Light at suitable angles make the booth noteworthy and make you stand apart from the crowd.

7. Interactive Game show is a Crowd Puller

Along with booth design and all physical aspects, skilled personnel should be present to drive your show. The booth should be interactive enough to cater the curiosity of the crowd. The attractiveness of the set only causes the crowd to step up to your booth and the rest is in hands of the marketing team.

For gathering customers’ attention, representatives can host a creative game show which entertains people and signifies the agenda of the company as well. Distribute exciting rewards to the winner of the game and show your goodwill gesture.

8. Demonstration of the Product & Benefits

Show the crowd why they should invest in your product. A live demonstration of the product shows its real time values. Think of it as a live advertisement, definitely more fruitful than conventional TV ads, as it only calls out to the people concerned.

Try to involve the audience as much as possible. Also, gather an efficient customer support team to answer the queries of curious customers and convey the message that doing business with you is going to be convenient for them. This leaves a lasting impression.

9. Provide Practical Giveaways as the Return Gift

This is a part of guerrilla marketing. Refrain from giving orthodox parting gifts like pens and notebooks with your company’s name. Rather, give something people actually use and think of the generosity you offered. A t-shirt with a cheeky tagline which reflects your company’s agenda is a good start!

wrist bands - Corporate gifts at tradeshow

Promotional giveaways like LED wristbands, coffee mugs and water bottles — daily-life essentials — connect the person to the company on a more personal and memorable level. Thus, the impact is long-lasting.

10. Importance of Preshow Meetings and Strategies

The show at the booth should have a solid and strategic script. One thing should lead to another and it should be subtle as well.

This needs proper coordination among the crew, thus pre-show meetings are vital. Every person needs to be aware of his/her responsibilities and must carry them out with passion.

The major points should be discussed thoroughly. And there should not be any loose ends. Thus, all the people working on their respective jobs efficiently lead to a great show.


It’s a mammoth task to design an eye-catching booth and impress your customers with your services and first impression. You should first learn from the best in the business and then only invest in a trade booth of your own.

Approach the right people, be warm in welcoming new people to your business, and establish contacts in the industry.

Be strategic in your approach to impress as many customers as well. Learn the tricks of the trade and you are good to go!