Eddy Yee, Managing Director - Altersource Tooling Systems

  • 1 Altersource Tooling sources its products from China and Europe, and occasionally buys from other vendors in the Southeast Asian region to fulfill its customer requirements.

    How EMERGE App helps:
    To keep stocks, Altersource Tooling can issue Purchase Orders and PDF emails directly to their suppliers in China & Europe. When stocks arrive, they are checked and received into the system.

  • 2 Sales Representatives need to constantly monitor actual & physical stocks in their warehouse. The sales team need to frequently check and determine available stock for their customer's Sales Orders.

    How EMERGE App helps:
    They use the Product module’s actual & physical stock inventory for over 500 SKUs. When a sales rep issues a sales order from the system, it deducts the actual inventory real time. But physical warehouse inventory will not be deducted unless a Delivery Order is issued. Hence, sales reps will not be confused over actual stock counts.

  • 3 Occasionally, some stocks purchased from the supplier are fulfilled directly to the client without passing into Altersource's warehouse.

    How EMERGE App helps:
    After the Sales Order is issued, the user proposes a Purchase Order (Drop Ship) directly to their supplier. When the stocks are ready, the supplier will send the stocks directly to Altersource’s customers using a Delivery Order (Drop Ship).

  • 4 Altersource provides a 1-2 month(s) payment term depending on the client. Suppliers also provide a 1-2 month (s) payment term to Altersource Tooling.

    How EMERGE App helps:
    The system tracks all payment terms from suppliers and customers. And displays it clearly to Altersource’s admin staff on the Accounts Payable & Receivables listing page. With a quick glance, Altersource knows which payment is due and what action to take.

  • 5 Altersource Tooling now has a much more flexible workflow, and its sales and inventory teams are able to track the movement and flow of goods much more efficiently.

    The sales team can now focus on acquiring more sales with the right tools, as well as explaining to customers what they do. They can spend less time drafting quotations, delivery orders and other documents in Excel & also track all their orders, purchases, billings.


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