Priscilla Lim, Manager - Pet Ultra

Priscilla Lim, manager of Petultra had a very big problem. Lost stocks, unfulfilled orders and unbalanced account books were giving Pris major headaches throughout the day, as well as causing other issues like angry customers, arguments with suppliers, and a negative account balance at the end of the day.

Petultra is a pet product company that sells primarily through e-commerce on Magento and most items are shipped on a drop ship-based model. This gives Pris the flexibility of not using a warehouse, but it also means that she has to be on top of her orders to ensure prompt delivery, which was not happening at that point in time.

“There must be a better way,” Pris thought to herself.

Google was her first answer, and through it she found various inventory management apps, including EMERGE App. After experimenting with all the others, EMERGE App best suited her workflow, her budget, and her learning curve. “Unfortunately putting out these fires in my business leaves me little time to learn and implement a system. I needed a system NOW and EMERGE App provided an answer.”

EMERGE App integrates to Magento and Xero, providing real time data and orders straight from her selling and accounting platforms to somewhere centralised for Pris to manage in one go. “I got EMERGE App going in 20 minutes, and haven’t looked back since,” said Pris in an email to the team. “Thank you for literally saving my business.” No problem Pris, we’ve got your back.

Not only did Petultra see their order processing and logistical problems disappear, the business also grew 30% month-on-month in terms of revenue growth, and serving up to 30 new orders a day. Priscilla attributes this new growth to the new way of doing business: using software to streamline her processes, and data to make business decisions immediately.

Pris has also graciously written a GetApp and Capterra review of EMERGE App. We are dedicated to support e-commerce businesses in making them efficient organisations to take on the world.

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