Isaiah Tay, Director - Her Jewellery Pte Ltd

  • 1 The company imports jewellery from China

    How EMERGE App helps:
    The user creates a Purchase Order and adds products they are importing from China

  • 2 Jewellery from China does not often ship out all the items in the Purchase Order at once. Instead, they fulfil the orders partially as and when available.

    How EMERGE App helps:
    The user can create a Stock Receive order; selects Purchase Order & Stock Items to receive to the Singapore warehouse. The user will receive the stock items partially and leave the Purchase Order "partially received".

  • 3 Her Jewellery has Sales Representatives negotiating with various customers across the globe. They will need to check the prices for different customer/customer groups and availability of stock at the various warehouses.

    How EMERGE App helps:
    The Sales Representative will use the product module to check all stocks in different locations, price lists & product information. Additional product information like Microsoft Word files or Microsoft Powerpoint slides can be uploaded to products and retrieved as and when necessary.

  • 4 Her Jewellery has clients making wholesale purchases, retail or through their e-commerce site (herjewellery.com). The sales process often begins with a formal quotation request.

    How EMERGE App helps:
    The Sales Representative will create a Quotation from within the EMERGE system: adding customer & product items before sending the PDF out at the click of a button. If the customer confirms the Quotation, the Sales Representative can convert the quotation into a Sales Order & email the Invoice out to the client.

  • 5 Being fragile goods, jewellery are often damaged and needs to be removed manually from the warehouse inventory. The business does a stock take every 6 months.

    How EMERGE App helps:
    User access for Stock adjustment & transfer can only be granted by the administrator to specific users for control purposes. The user will use EMERGE’s stock take module to manage & adjust their warehouse inventory, keeping it accurate.

  • 6 Sales, purchase and inventory values need to be reported daily, in order for the company to make decisions.

    How EMERGE App helps:
    The administrator can check EMERGE’s real-time report modules with different filter parameters.

  • 7 Her Jewellery is operating much more efficiently and communication is much more efficient and immediate.

    EMERGE enhances the synergy between the employer, sales, operation, purchase & accounts departments, documentation, inventory and much more. The benefits are tremendous in increasing their productivity & profits.


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