Rachel Xu, Director - JR Healthcare

Many people are unsure of the fastest and most effective way to seek medical help, and often end up wasting time when immediate medical attention is required. That’s where JR Healthcare, a medical concierge company comes in.

In addition to being the one-stop shop for arranging and facilitating your medical needs, JR Healthcare also prides itself on excellent customer service, and often gives well-wishing gifts and hampers to its clients.

Rachel Xu, the founder of JR Healthcare, found that coordinating her invoices as well as supplier’s quotations on an Excel spreadsheet took up way too much time than it should have, as well as experiencing some delivery mishaps along the way. This proved disastrous as orders got mixed up and embarrassments happened, resulting in the company losing many potential clients.

JR Healthcare found EMERGE App via searching for some answers on Quora. They tried EMERGE App’s service and product modules for the business. The software’s ease of creating and sending out invoices directly from the system, as well as the real time reports that they use to back up our business decisions convinced the team at JR Healthcare to adopt it permanently.

Rachel says: “After learning about EMERGE App and using it for a few months, we cannot imagine going back to creating invoices and reports manually. This has freed up a lot of time for us to actually cater to the needs of our clients. We get more done during the day, and our business is already more productive thanks to the extra pockets of time we save everyday.”

After 6 months of using EMERGE App, the company has seen revenue grow 25% month-on-month. This is due mainly to the speed of issuing invoices and getting paid, as they now can do it pretty much immediately after meeting with clients. The feedback from their partner businesses has also been very positive, affirming that EMERGE App was the right order processing software for them.

Rachel finished with an encouraging note for the EMERGE App team: “Stoked that we found the right software for us, and cheers to the team at EMERGE App for producing and promoting the app!”

JR Healthcare has also reviewed us on GetApp and Capterra. EMERGE App is proud to support healthcare efforts in Singapore through making businesses work better and faster.